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Urbanization working in harmony with natural elements giving life to human and global well being.


Coffee break.

@Shibuya Cross Tower

Building beyond the trees.

Cerulean Tower - Shibuya, Tokyo

Shinagawa East - Tokyo, Japan

Shanghai pedestrian greenscape.

The Lujlazul Pedestrian Bridge in Shanghai’s newest financial district is an elevated walkway meant to safely move people from business districts to shopping centers! 

Photographer Viktor Lakics scored an amazing view from the deck of the Oriental Pearl Tower! 

Little greenscape on the side of a concrete canal.

Shibuya, Tokyo

One of Tokyo’s largest inner city greenscapes lies between Shinanomachi station and  Aoyama Itchome station.

Starting from the green wall at Shinanomachi station, the walk down Gaien Higashi dori towards Aoyama Itchome quickly takes you a way from the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.

Green walls come to Tokyo!

Shinanomachi Station in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo features one of Tokyo’s latest green walls.

In collaboration with the Eco Green & Design (EGD) Association, the project was lead by OKUJU Space Creator.


Vertical gardens, or ‘green walls’, are cropping up all over cities these days, transforming drab urban facades into vibrant jungles of color.

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Hibiya Park in downtown Tokyo.

Lunch spot Shibuya.

Toritsu Daigaku, Tokyo, Japan

In a city with endless greenery, Mount Faber Park in Singapore was the first destination on our SE Asia Greenscape Tour. Park of the South Ridges park system which stretches for 9 kilometers, this is definitely a fantastic start to the trip!

Harbor Front MRT Station near Mount Faber ParkA short ride on the MRT NE line to Harbor Front station and I popped out to nothing but greenery in front of me. We’re off to a good start here, I thought to myself.

With a mango shake in hand, I set off through the jungle. I’m just a few hours from arriving at Changi airport from Tokyo and now surrounded by tropical jungle with urbanism growing all around me.

So, off I go!

Big Leaf in Mount Faber Park SingaporeMount Faber Park Singapore

Making my way up the path, giant leaves greet me along my way. The sound of nature is all around, yet the faint sound of the city hums in the background.

Mount Faber Park SingaporeBy the time I reach the top of the trail, I’m pouring with sweat from the humid, tropical air.

Walking along the road atop the ridge, views of downtown Singapore framed in greenery abound. You truly feel as though you are in a city within a garden.

A stop by the Faber Hill Bistro for a cold drink and a light snack is a great place to take in the view.

After a refreshing drink at the bistro, a bit further along the path is the Henderson Waves, a 274 meter long pedestrian bridge stretching 36 meters above Henderson Road below. This impressive architectural structure is one of the most unique features in the park.

Henderson Waves in Mount Faber Park

Beyond the waves is Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Telok Blangah Hill ParkMore so than Mount Faber Park, this park seems to be more catered towards fitness enthusiasts. Many joggers and work-out areas throughout the park (forest) make for an ideal place to take in some greenery and get the blood moving.

As the day comes to an end, I find myself utterly amazed already within the first 8 hours of being in Singapore, just how much greenery is here.

Beyond just the usual highlights of Orchard Road, Clark Quay, and Marina Bay, take some time to spend at least half a day at the South Ridges and Mount Faber Park. Already one of my favorite urban greenscapes.

Check out the full gallery of photos from Mount Faber Park on our Facebook page.

Near my office. The street is amazing in April during the cherry blossom season.

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TEK Building Exterior

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, TEK Building comes in to play!

TEK Building Interior