Urban Greenscape

Urbanization working in harmony with natural elements giving life to human and global well being.


As today’s every rapidly growing cities continue to build in the name of progress, economic stimulus, and accommodating global population grown, is it possible to incorporate natural green elements that are in harmony with nature?

Sitting in the middle of the world’s largest metropolitan areas (Tokyo), I wondered why their is such a lack of green consciousness amongst most of the population. Because of this, I decided to create Urban Green as a place to share urban green elements which make living in cities so wonderful.

Higashi Gyoen Lawn

The inspiration for this site came as I was enjoying a morning recharge in Higashi Gyoen (East Park) of the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo. Not only are the Palace grounds an exceptional place to take the greenery, but the entire stretch from Nijubashimae, bordering the Marunouchi business district, all the way down to Hibiya Park is by far my personal favorite urban green areas in the city.

Photos of each of these areas coming soon!

I encourage those who also share these same sentiments to post their favorite ‘green’ locations in their cities.